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The first step we take at Cattach & Cattach is to immediately save you money by reviewing your existing superannuation.

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Retirement Planning

David and Jenny Cattach work with you to develop a financially meaningful strategy for the time you’re ready to retire from the workforce.

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Personal insurance

With such a wide range of insurance products on offer, it pays to give careful consideration to what will suit your particular evolving needs.

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Family home

You can be reassured that your home mortgage doesn’t have to be the burden you think it is if you re-think your strategy.

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Got term deposits on your mind?

The basics A term deposit is like a locked bank account. You agree to a fixed interest rate in exchange for investing your money for a set amount of time. It offers certainty and security, and you know exactly how much you are getting and when you are getting it. The global financial crisis has...

Know your insurance

From beneficiaries and benefits to policies and premiums, personal insurance is full of technical terms. Here are some common questions – and answers – that may help you better understand the world of insurance, and how it can help ease financial stress resulting from difficult and challenging life events. Is there a rule of thumb...

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