Debt Advice

Many people despair when the subject of the family home mortgage comes up. It seems a burden that has no light at the end of the tunnel and won’t be paid off by the time they are due to retire.

You can be reassured that your mortgage doesn’t have to be the burden you think it is if you re-think your strategy.

At Cattach & Cattach we have worked with many people to find a better rate of interest and develop simple (and affordable) strategies to manage their income cash flow more efficiently.

Mortgage reduction is really all about working smarter with your finances. We can work with you and your particular situation to help optimise opportunities. We have worked with individuals and families who have reduced their home loan from 30 years to only 12 and it can be done for you without increasing payments beyond your financial capabilities.*

We will work with you to develop a plan that is personalised and tailored to help you keep your mortgage in perspective, pay it off quicker and free you to plan for the things you want to achieve in retirement.

We know we can help, because we have.

Take the mortgage stress off yourself and call us for a discussion.

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* Projections are intended as an illustration of potential future outcome and are not an indication of the actual returns or outcome that may be achieved.