Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement becomes more important the closer we get to it because we reach an age when we can visualize what it will mean financially and how it will affect our lifestyle.

During our years of experience at Cattach & Cattach we have assisted many people to add up to 20% more into their super fund with minimal impact on their current financial commitments.*

By listening to your needs and discussing your current super commitments, we will work with you to develop a financially meaningful strategy. Not only can the right strategy add more to your super fund it will give you the peace of mind to know there won’t have to be dramatic changes to your lifestyle when you decide its time to retire from the workforce.

Financial security in retirement

There are a whole range of things to consider with retirement financial planning; how life priorities change as we get older; family circumstances that change; grandchildren that arrive or get older and having financial planners who care and understand your particular needs can give you the extra time to do the things you want to do instead of the constant stress of being unsure of how you will cope financially.

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* Projections are intended as an illustration of potential future outcome and are not an indication of the actual returns or outcome that may be achieved.