Superannuation as the investment in your future financial security has changed and evolved over the years. The first step we take at Cattach & Cattach is to immediately consolidate your superannuation, which may give you considerable savings on multiple fees. We can then advise you on the most appropriate super fund that puts you in control giving you flexibility and a wider selection of investment opportunities to choose from.

Because everyone’s circumstances are different, we will work with you personally to develop an individual strategy that could save you money and build the wealth and prosperity that is based around your specific goals.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

We also offer an advice, mentoring and advocacy service for SMSF. We can assist if you are contemplating setting up a new SMSF, you have an existing fund or even if it is time for you to close down your fund.

Having your own SMSF provides you with the benefit of ultimate control of your superannuation and allows you to access a larger universe of investments. This, however, does come with Trustee responsibilities and does require additional work and expertise.

There are many benefits in establishing an SMSF and our advice is given based on your overall financial situation and specific lifestyle requirements. By working with you personally, we can assist you with meeting your Trustee Responsibilities and maximising the benefits of an SMSF. We will ensure the operation of your SMSF is in harmony with your financial goals and your circumstances.

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